Dispute resolution and litigation solicitors based in Midleton, Cork City and Dublin. Walsh and Partners Solicitors LLP, incorporating Deborah O’Connell Solicitors, can offer expert legal representation and litigation services across a range of areas. Our years of expertise allow us to quickly identify key areas and work towards a solution that is agreeable to all parties.

  • Employment disputes.
  • Defamation cases.
  • Contractual disputes.
  • Inheritance and will disputes.
  • Claims of professional negligence.
  • Personal injury compensation claims.
  • Public liability claims.
  • Partnership and organisational disputes.
  • Judicial reviews.
  • Disputes about property.
  • Tenant disputes.
  • Landlord disputes.
  • Possession disputes.
  • Disputes over the Irish intoxicating liquor law.

We recognise that each case is unique and our team will take the time to truly understand your circumstances. With dispute resolution, there are many options that can be availed of prior to initiating any proceedings, we will always endeavour to solve disputes outside the court process if possible. Contact our dispute resolution and litigation solicitors by calling (021) 4270200 or (021) 463 9425 today. Alternatively you can fill out the form on the website and we will get back to you immediately.