Defamation specialists at Walsh and Partners Solicitors LLP, incorporating Deborah O’Connell Solicitors, can offer excellent advice and legal guidance in the area of defamation law. Our experience in this area allows us to identify quickly whether you may have a case, and our expert solicitors will be happy to represent you in all legal matters.

In order to claim for harm caused by defamation, it is first necessary to be aware of the three following important facts:

1. Defamation occurs when a false statement identifies you directly. You need not be named, however it needs to be obvious to the reader/viewer/listener that you are the person to which the statement is aimed.

2. The defamatory statement needs to be published. When we speak of publication we do not refer to just traditional publishing in a newspaper, book or magazine, but also email, online media, or verbally.

3. You have suffered as a result of this false declaration or statement.

We can help you with the following areas as well as any other unique circumstances that may occur:

  • Advice at the post-publication stage of the defamatory statement.
  • Legal representation pre-publication.
  • Defamation proceedings.
  • Negotiations with other party.
  • Dispute resolution.
  • Litigation for defamation.
  • Slander.

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